Role of CCTV Cameras in Indian Shopping Malls

Published: 20th September 2011
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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) has become one of the most reliable means

of security. It is an advanced application that monitors the area and thus deters

crime. It is a proven method of crime detection. Government offices and corporate

houses, alike, make use of this technology. CCTV cameras in India keep an eye

on all the activities going on in the premise. It records anything suspicious

which can be viewed live or later. Appropriate actions can be taken on the basis

of the recording.

There is no denial to CCTV in India being a dependable security device. There

are many areas that make use of this technology. One of the fields that make

widespread use of CCTV cameras in India is shopping malls. You may easily come

across this equipment in a shopping mall. It is installed in almost all its

turns and corners. It is necessary to install this device in such a place as

it is prone to shop lifting. Having this application will make sure that such

an occurrence is prevented immediately or in the long run.

How Can CCTV Cameras in India Help Shopping Malls

This application can be installed at various places in the mall. It will monitor

all the activities going on in the area within its range. The recording can

be viewed live by an operator. Incidents of shop lifting are a common event

in shopping malls. On tracing any such happening in the recording, appropriate

actions can be taken against it. Even viewing the recording later on will give

results. It will help the authorities in tracing the wrong doer. It may also

act as evidence against the wrong doer.

Installing this kind of a video security surveillance device is a crime deterrent

in itself. People are less likely to indulge in any shop lifting activities

if they know that their actions are being watched. They may fear detection and

refrain themselves from these activities. In fact, CCTV in India does not merely

deter shoplifting but violent behavior is also deterred. Angry customers may

avoid any violent behavior in front of the camera. It will keep their actions

in record for future investigation.

Of course, every technology has its pros and cons. The CCTV cameras in India

are not foolproof. They can be covered up to prevent them from recording shop

lifting. They can also be damaged. Vandal proof cameras can be opted for to

avoid such situations. Or else, live recording may also work. Whenever something

goes wrong with the recording, officials can go to the spot to check. Any offense

or misdeed can be prevented thus!

Murder in a busy mall at the United States made the authorities install this

application. It has solved and deterred many crimes. United Kingdom has the

biggest market. Similarly, CCTV cameras in India are used in almost all the

major shopping malls. It has reduced shop lifting to a considerable extent.

Not all the shopping malls are equipped with this technology at present. However,

in the near future, all the shopping malls are expected to possess CCTV in India.

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