CCTV Cameras in India Suitable for Your Needs

Published: 28th September 2010
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It is easy to spot Closed Circuit Television, CCTV in India. Shopping malls install them to check shoplifting. Corporate offices fit a CCTV in the office premises to prevent employees from loitering around in working hours. Some years back, news reports about CCTV and its importance in India were published. New Delhi police urged all the banks in the city to install CCTV cameras to fight bank robberies. You may come across the device in busy roads, railway stations and airports. They are installed to fight pick-pocketing, street fights, and other minor crime. CCTV cameras in India are expanding their reach.

If the security of a premise worries you, you may have also thought of installing a CCTV camera many times. CCTV cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are easy to purchase. Number of shops sells CCTV cameras in India. Different types of CCTV cameras are available. You need to pick the one that is most suitable to your premises. Different types of CCTV cater to different types of need! Based on your requirements and your premises, you may install one. Given below are some types of CCTV in India, suitable for various situations:

*Dome Camera: If you want to keep a check on the activities of your employees in the office premises, you may consider a dome camera. The dome camera may be installed on any corner of the office wall. Entire office can be monitored by a single individual. This type of CCTV Camera in India is widely used to monitor employee behavior inside the office.

*High Resolution Dome Camera: Some corners of a large office may not be properly lit. An ordinary dome camera may not be able to capture the images in these areas properly. You may use this camera at night as well. The need for CCTV in India is felt at home as well as an office. High resolution dome cameras can be used for better images in any kind of lighting condition.

*Infra Red Camera: Infra red cameras are the most suitable for night vision. This type of a camera illuminates the area it covers with infra red beams. There is no need for external lighting. Factories, jewelry shops, and even home owners may make use of this CCTV camera in India. Clear images of any activity in the building may be obtained at night.

*Vari-focal Camera: CCTV in India is also required at roads, compounds, and other open spaces. Ordinary dome cameras may not serve the purpose in these areas. Vari-focal cameras are suitable for such locations. It can cover a large distance. You may consider installing this camera in your field or garden, if you worry about its security.

*Regular C Mount Camera: If you would like to install the CCTV camera outside, you may consider going for a regular C Mount camera. It gives you the option to change your lens. You may use different types of lens to cover larger areas. This type of CCTV cameras in India may be used for the scrutiny of an open space. However, the camera needs to be protected from extreme climate.

*Hidden Camera: Hidden cameras may be installed for surveillance, without letting the subject know that he is being watched. It can be hidden in household items like smoke detectors, wall clocks, etc. Police officials and investigative agencies use this CCTV in India for catching criminals and anti-social elements.

*Speed Dome Camera: This CCTV camera may be used indoor and outdoor. It is a compatible CCTV camera for Indian climate, as it can work in any type of weather condition. It consists of a high performance camera that can function well in any premises.

These are some of the main types of CCTV Cameras in India. You may consider installing any one of them as per your requirements. After selecting a proper CCTV camera for your building or open ground, you may also need to select an appropriate Digital Video Recorder (DVR). If you are completely new to CCTVs, you may consider approaching CCTV complete solution providers. They visit your premises and suggest an appropriate camera and DVR for easy use. They install the camera and DVR. You need not take much trouble then. In modern times, having a CCTV installed has become a necessity.

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