3 Advantages of Fingerprint Time Attendance System over Pen & Paper System

Published: 02nd March 2010
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Yes! Now there is no need to use the old pen and paper method for the storage of individual's attendance in the daily basis. As, fingerprint time attendance system is now got its existence to support the same. This electronic device is now replacing the old and primitive pen and paper method. Fingerprint time attendance system can be implemented in external as well as in internal premises. Since, this dual suitability feature, the time attendance system has got its wide acceptance through out the world.

Basic Principle:

Rather than following the 'touch me not' technology, the device is based on 'touch' technology. It requires the human touch to grant the authentication. Once the person gets enrolled, in the next visit when the person touches the device sensor, the device performs the matching process between the newest captured patterns and the old stored patterns. When it finds the match, it notifies the time else it denies.

The device can be effectively used for recording the accurate time of the employees and these timing details can be very well used for other purpose. The fingerprint time attendance system can also be associated with payroll system to generate the flawless salary for the employees and it also reduces the bulk load from the HR department and other finance related departments.

Better than Before:

Of course it has to be better in order to replace the earlier process. Isn't it! In reality, the fingerprint time attendance system actually has got a number of benefits that it can surely replace the pen and paper system. The number of advantages that fingerprint time attendance system has over the pen and paper system can be listed as follows:

Time Saving:

With the previous pen and paper method, organizations used to suffer from the wastage of time. People used to take more time to fill the page of the paper to mark the attendance and thereby queue used to form for just marking the presence. Introduction of fingerprint time attendance system has eliminated these problems. You just need to press the finger on the sensor of the device and everything sorted.

Increase Productivity:

Earlier people used to waste the precious working time only to fill the hand book but now they do not need to stand in the long queue for marking the attendance due to the introduction of fingerprint time attendance system. The time they used to spend waiting in the queue is the time of their productive hours which they can now very well utilize for their work as everything is now got automated with the fingerprint time attendance system.

Greater Storage Facility:

With the fingerprint time attendance system, data are saved electronically inside the database of the computer. This helps the device to store a large number of data irrespective of its length. It was not possible with the pen and paper method. Earlier pen and paper system used to tie up a huge bundle of papers for managing the data, which used to become very difficult to keep a track of the data. So now you got the solution!

All these three major advantages are helping fingerprint time attendance system to replace the pen and paper method. If you are concerned about your organization's productive hours then it is important for you to switch on to fingerprint time attendance system.

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